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"Curt Jones III," the latest CD release by Curt Jones, former member of Funk Groups Slave, Aurra and Deja, is now available on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes! This dynamic performer carefully balances the artistry of technology assisted music and real musicianship with a deft touch on his instruments. His decisive and masterfully crafted soundscape of live performed music is a thrill park of funk, soul, rhythm and blues.

With 2 previous releases under his belt, Curt Jones is consistent; once again bringing a flavor and style reminiscent of some of his greatest influences with a smooth, soulful, silky vocal style that puts him in a class that resembles many but compares to no one. Curt Jones III is a musical journey, a masterpiece of carefully and strategically written and produced tracks with abundant variety and contrast that will be sure to appeal to audiences with a great appreciation for a soulful and eclectic music experience.

Curt Jones

360 Degrees

Solo Debut Album 2006

Curt Jones


2nd CD Release 2010

Curt Jones III

3rd CD Release 2015

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