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Curt Jones

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Red Virgo Productions surges the native Linden, New Jersey artist, Curt Jones [Funk/ R&B Vocalist / Lyricist / Musician / Producer] into the 21st Century with musical talent influences since childhood and an abundance of musical influences from his mother's side of the family. This dynamic performer, whose primary instruments are guitar, bass and keyboards, displays many of his multifaceted assets; producing, writing, arrangements, and chord progressions that ascend the listener on a one-way ticket to Venus by way of musical elliptical genius!

Curt Tells His Story...

As a child, I had a lot of influence from my mother's side of the family. My Grandfather was a big band leader of the Davenport Blue Rhythm Band, and he also had his own radio station. Earl Hines was in my Grandfather's band.

My aunt Penny, one of the Davenport Sisters, was also a big influence. She played the guitar really well! They were with Motown from the start. They used to rehearse in our basement and it was such an amazing time in my life! The Spinners used to come around – I remember them singing “That's What Girls Are Made For” in our back yard! At that time, they were still a part of Motown. My Aunts, the Davenport Sisters, started out under the Tri-Phi records label which was a subsidiary of Motown. They were good friends with Harvey Fuqua who at that time, managed them. I was exposed to so much and I was so inspired, that I took guitar lessons, but didn't really take it seriously until I started Junior High. I saw a stage band playing and I was so impressed with the guitar player, one thing lead to another and I made it my priority to learn to play well!

My main inspiration vocally and musically started with Marvin Gaye. His sound, tone and voice was truly distinctive. In fact, he had a variety of voices. He was also inspirational to me because he was one of the earliest artists who recorded himself. He did his own backgrounds and harmonies. There was a marriage between what he wrote and what he performed. I also have a special connection with Ray Charles and Sly Stone. They were so unique, so distinctive and special. They were able to move me and change my state of mind by listening to them. You may hear some of those influences in my writing and performing styles. My hope is that when you hear what I do musically, that it reaches you...takes you some place and perhaps, changes your state of mind.

My influences didn't stop there. As like many guitarists, I too was inspired in a very big way by the likes and styles of Jimi Hendrix, Santana, B.B. King, Kenny Burrell to name a few, as there are way too many musicians that have inspired me during the course of my career. Ultimately, after observing so many different artists, I've come to the conclusion that I try to get better in performing, singing and playing my guitar from within.

When I came up, it was the era of many self-contained bands. Each band's sound had its own identity. When I listened to Tower of Power, The Ohio Players, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago, it didn't take long to know who each band was because of their distinctive sound. By studying and being influenced by these bands, it helped create a sort of "gumbo" when my band-mates and I put our bands together. The first band that I assisted in putting together, went by the name of Symphonic Express. We were primarily a rhythm section with added vocalists. This particular band was the start of our working professionally in night clubs. Eventually, the name would change to Starchild. Soon thereafter, my Aunt Penny Davenport was the one who introduced us to Steve Washington, Founder of SLAVE. One thing lead to another and eventually led to my introduction into the group SLAVE, and the rest is like they say, "History".


Timeline of Career Experiences


Mid to Late ‘70s – Lead member, Vocalist, Songwriter Guitarist of Atlantic/Cotillion Records legendary group, Slave. "Just a Touch of Love and "Stone Jam" albums


Late ‘1980s - Aurra became Deja, delivering the #1 Billboard® R&B/Top 10 British Pop chart hit, “You & Me Tonight”. In addition, the album also reached the Top 20 plateau on Billboard®’s R&B album charts. Deja’s final album was Made To Be Together. Starleana went solo and was replaced by Mysti Day, of Houston, TX. This album was produced by Teddy Riley, and also scored tremendously in the Top 20 on Billboard®’s R&B charts. Remarkably, Deja registered eight Top 20 R&B singles from 1985-1990, with significant international success


In the 1980s - Curt Co-founded with Steve Washington and Collaborated on the funky and diversified R&B grooves led by Salsoul Records’ group - Aurra, with the powerful and dynamic vocalist, Starleana Young and a host of talented musicians from the Slave family, producing Hits "Are You Single & Make Up Your Mind" and many more


Curt had a successful touring schedule internationally and domestically as well as Co-Produced album "Back to the Island" for the Baha Men on Atlantic Records. Also began independent production for his first solo CD called 360 Degrees as well as production work for aspiring artists looking to shop for a record deal

Recent & Current Works...

Released 2 more CD's - SOLO in 2010 and Curt Jones III in 2015. At the same time, began working with his band, The Curt Jones Band in Minneapolis, New Jersey and now Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas; returning with the same commitment to excellence on every facet of his recording and live shows. The musical arrangements throughout all his CD projects are delivered with such finesse and genuine class; listeners are bound to line up and purchase his music and continue to draw big crowds to the dance floor at live performance shows!

Curt has teamed up with his lovely wife Ceci Jones and bringing you her new debut R&B CD entitled "Levels of Love! Produced and Arranged by Curt Jones and Lyrics Co-written by the dynamic duo Curt and Ceci Jones. This body of work is a compilation of smooth grooves, jazzy and classy melodies, a little R&B and funk blends with a great mix of soulful depth musically and lyrically. Listeners are sure to find a connection with the concept of experiencing a variety of "Levels of Love" in relationships. Available on all media and digital download and streaming platforms, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and more! For CD purchases, go to Contacts Page!

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